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Office and Tool Containers

Welcome to our comprehensive collection of office and tool containers, designed to enhance organization and efficiency in your workspace. Whether you’re looking to streamline your office supplies or neatly store your tools, our containers offer the perfect solution.


Rent Service


The tool cabin is a secure, organized space designed to store, manage, and maintain all rental tools and equipment. It ensures the efficient operation of a tools rental service by providing:

  • Common Tools

    Basic Equipment: Essential tools for general mechanical and electrical work.

  • Special Tools

    Specialized Equipment: Tools for specific tasks, including electric testing and large-size tools.

  • Measuring Tools

    Accuracy Instruments: Tools for precise measurement tasks.

  • Precision Tools

    High-Accuracy Instruments: Tools for fine adjustments and detailed work.

  • Lifting Tools

    Heavy Equipment: Tools for moving and positioning heavy machinery.

  • Tool Keeper

    Management: Oversees tool issuance, maintenance, inventory, and provides user assistance.

  • Power Tools

    Electric Equipment: Tools powered by electricity for efficiency and ease of use.

Tool Cabin

Office Cabin And Container

Ofiice cabin 10ft / container 40ft

Office Cabin 20ft

Office Cabin 40ft