Techno Mech offers services such as, Engineering Maintenance, Cleaning Services and Non Destructive Test (NDT). Our highly skilled team performs excellent work by operating every machineries and equipment smoothly, as well as providing good solution to every deserving client of us.

Techno Mech possesses significant knowledge of statistic, probability  and also on the fundamentals of the operation of the equipment and machinery for which the Company is responsible for. We also possess high interpersonal, communication, and management skills, as well as the ability to make decisions quickly. Techno Mech also undertakes NDT by way of inspecting, testing, or evaluating materials, components or assemblies for discontinuities, or differences in characteristics without destroying the service ability of the part or system.


We are involve with a group of team who gives first-rate solution especially in repairing, reconditioning and abrasive cleaning services; for instance by using dry ice blasting, sand blasting and water jet on thumping machineries such as, gas turbine and rotating compressors. Withal, our replacement and fabrication of a new insulation material, especially for turbines insulation, are all followed by the standard of the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM). Additionally, we also provide repair services for valve, pumps and other plant equipment and also scaffolding to our clients.

A part from that Techno Mech (M) Sdn Bhd has vast experience and certified manpower to conduct tank cleaning to refinery standards. We have in-house equipment and fully capable to conduct an integrated tank cleaning which includes oil recovery and water treatment. Other services included as following;  
• Flushing & Pigging Services 
• Inspection Services 
• HSE Monitoring Services 
• Bunkering Service 
• Diesel Supply 
• Lubricant Oil Supply 
• Fuel Oil Supply
• Pumping Services 
• Product Survey 
• Processing of Waste Oil from Engine Oil 
• Processing of Hydraulic Waste Oil 
• Environmental Remediation 
• Hazardous Waste Management (mercury, NORM, hydrocarbon waste) 
• Industrial Cleaning Services (underground pipeline cleaning, facility cleaning)

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Techno Mech provides Non-Destructive Testing – (NDT), materials testing and welding services and advance non-destructive test for a diverse range of industries. NDT should be ever-present from construction to decommissioning in evaluating critical assets.  Therefore, our team is ready to tackle your projects with a comprehensive range of NDT solutions, tailored our clients needs, including: support on production processes, quality control and regulatory compliance as well as new construction, pipelines, plant maintenance and scheduled shutdown inspection.

Our vast knowledge in NDT and materials testing, allows us to select the right techniques and procedures to detect defects and irregularities in client’s products, equipment, production facilities or plant assets and provide client with necessary data to assist client in making informed decisions. In addition to our non-destructive testing, we provide a complete welding support service tailored to client’s welding requirements, comply with international and national codes and standards. With many years worth of experience, we are confident to provide swift respond to any kind of inspection challenges arises.

Thus, we strive to ensure the reliability and safety of clients products, equipment or plant assets with our world-class services provided.

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Techno Mech does also provide services to overhaul valve, pumps and other plant equipment. We help leverage your productivity and profitability by handling your instrument maintenance and restoration. Whatever our clients require for, we have the capabilities to restore their malfunctioning equipment to original specifications. We have highly skilled engineers and technicians, that provide effective maintenance to increase power plant equipment reliability and efficiency.

Our tailored reliability services maximize your plant’s capacity, and minimize your risk of downtime. We will help you realize the true potential of your equipment’s. Our engineers rigorous hands-on training and the real-world experience in the field provide us the knowledge we need to make your devices perform.


 Techno Mech combines extensive skills and industry expertise with a diverse portfolio of high performance products to meet the growing needs for more sustainable paints and coatings by using the latest corrosion protection technology. Maintaining the integrity of equipment, machinery, and other structures is part of what we do best. With the state of the art equipment and training necessary, we know how to fully protect your plant from the danger that corrosion can cause. Our solutions do not only improve surface properties such as appearance and enable unique effects, but also enhance resistance to corrosion or scratching.

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