Condition Based Monitoring and DiagnosticS

Machinery diagnostic

  • Eddy current probes (Proximity sensors), seismic sensor systems and accelerometers
  • On site/remote machinery condition monitoring and assessment
  • Field balancing and expert witness for shop balancing
  • Structure vibration – modal/operating deflection shape analysis
  • Online vibration monitoring systems
  • Portable vibration analyzers and data collectors
  • Condition monitoring and diagnostics software
  • Reciprocating compressor monitoring & diagnostics,pulsation measurement and study
  • Piping vibration testing, evaluation, and correction
  • Technical support, training, and coaching
  • Vibration analysis and machinery diagnostics
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On site remote rotating and reciprocating machinery malfunction, post machinery outage support, machinery vibration and condition monitoring system troubleshooting. compressor and hydro turbine-generator condition monitoring and diagnosis. Design, installation, and commission machine condition monitoring system long-term predictive maintenance (PdM) services contract online machine condition monitoring system optimization expert/decision support system installation, configuration, and optimization root cause failure analysis.

Rotor-dynamics modeling and analysis-torsional vibration modeling and analysis static/dynamic pipe stress analysis finite element analysis (FEA) and computational fluid dynamics (CFD) analysis process flow modeling and simulation expert witness factory acceptance test (FAT) of machinery, condition monitoring system. 

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